Business Process Mapping

Within any business it’s not always about what you do. More and more clients are becoming interested in how you do it. The best way to give your organisation control over this is to have all your significant processes mapped out in an easy and visual way, making them very simple to follow.

With our specialist mapping software we remove all the hassle and deliver fully bespoke process maps to help control all outcomes.

What is Business Process Mapping?

Put simply, business process mapping involves creating a view of business processes that’s easy for a layperson to read. By organising it in a logical way, it’s possible to make processes both understandable by those in the top levels of management, and detailed enough for others to provide review and analysis.

The average manufacturing business could have as many as 300 processes going on at any one time, in areas as diverse as marketing, engineering, accounting, production and human resources.

A business process map can be a valuable resource in terms of the context of projects like an ERP selection or implementation project, or a business process improvement project, allowing those involved to get an insight into the business in an easy to follow way that can help projects run more smoothly.

– Levels of process map

Process maps should be divided up into several different levels, to allow those reading them to glean the information that they need without over-complication or superfluous information.

– Top level

The top level of a business process map should identify each of the major processes and functions which the business carries out, like a high-level value stream map – to analyse the current state of affairs and design what should happen in future in the series of events which take a product from its inception to the consumer – from manufacture to sales, in the case of a manufacturing business.

Business process categories should identify each of the biggest categories for business processes.

A category map should be able to identify each category of business processes in the style of a Rummler-Brache problem solving graph. This allows readers to see the connectivities between teams, departments and processes in a business and allows for streamlining.

Finally, a process map should be able to isolate each step of the business process with defined inputs, the processes performed on those inputs, and outputs.

Do you need business process mapping?

For a variety of projects within the business it can be useful to have business processes mapped out; this includes streamlining the business processes, which can help to cut overall costs and eliminate wasted time, effort and money from the business process.

If you think that business process mapping could have a positive impact on your business, whatever the size, you can get in touch with us today to find out what services we have available to you and how we may be able to help.