Critical Path


Bespoke Time, Cost and Quality ManagementServices

Critical Path is a specialist international consultancy providing bespoke consulting, advisory and expert time, cost and quality management services and solutions for various industries and sectors.
Our services are scalable and tailored to suit our client’s specific and identified needs and are implemented and delivered with cognisance of industry and sector best practices and guidelines.

Project Planning and Controls

Our services in this field comprise front end project planning, procurement and contractual advice and project risk assessment as well as the design and implementation of change management and project control strategies and procedures. Our aim is to help Clients avoid disputes by providing planning and control services and systems that enable time and cost to be managed and controlled effectively throughout the project lifecycle. We help establish systems and procedures that accurately record and evidence the cause and effect of change events thereby facilitating the quick and efficient settlement of claims.

Dispute Management and Resolution

On projects where disputes have arisen we provide specialist forensic delay analysis services to prove cause and effect for Extension of Time (EOT) claims, either during the course of the works or retrospectively. We provide a speedy and transparent yet rigorous analysis of delay events using a range of analytical tools and procedures.

Harnessing only the most up to date technologies and accepted forms of analysis, our team is actively involved in a range of best practice initiatives and research programmes. The knowledge and the benefits we derive from these activities are passed on to you through our training workshops and seminars.

For more details of our key services, use the drop-down menu above. If you have a specific requirement, please complete our enquiry form and a representative will contact you.

Quality Management Services

ISO develops International Standards that help ensure that services are of a consistent, high quality around the world. This can range from services for business and how a business delivers great customer service, to consumer services covering hospitality, shopping and even phone bills.

In addition to services-specific standards, ISO also develops standards in various areas including construction to ensure high quality projects are delivered, maintaining contractor and employer engagement and efficient processes that can negate disputes.

Critical Path as a specialist consultancy in the UK offers guidance and expertise for a variety of sectors, ensuring they deliver high quality work and service in planning, controls, and dispute resolution.

From working with specialist construction planners and engineering planners, as well as employers, contractors and subcontractors, Critical Path ensures high quality services are delivered from the beginning of the project to the end.