design management for construction projects - critical path

Design Management

Effective Coordination of Crucial Design Information

The effective management of design information and its co-ordination with procurement and construction functions is pivotal to effective project performance. Design information needs to be produced and issued promptly to enable components and systems to be procured and thereby constructed at the correct time.

With increasing client demands requiring more design consultants and an increase in specialised contractor design on projects, the effective coordination of design information is an increasingly complex task. Critical Path works closely with design managers and coordinators to support the design management function.

We produce, monitor and update dynamic design information programmes and help co-ordinate these with Master Contruction programmes, which are normally produced by other parties. When construction work has commenced design information release requirements are carefully coordinated with construction progress and revised and updated “Information required Schedules” produced for the team on an ongoing basis.

This service integrates the normally fragmented design and construction functions and enables potential delays caused by late or changed design to be clearly identified and mitigated up front. It is therefore a key dispute avoidance mechanism.