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Project Planning

A Comprehensive Solution

Rigorous project planning is crucial to the effective monitoring and control of projects and to their timely delivery. Yet, largely due to resource shortfalls within both the engineering and construction sectors, design and construction programmes are often not planned, resourced or updated to the levels of detail desired by project managers or required to effectively manage and control projects. In addition, they are often not fully supported with verifiable progress information required for accurate monitoring and mitigation.

Critical Path  provides project planning services to help you plan projects from the outset. Our team can work with your project planners and managers, offering assistance and additional input into your planning function, as and when required.

We possess time and resource data for a broad range of different building types, construction processes and specific activities. This data is assembled from verifiable sources and is continually updated. It is invaluable, both in terms of quickly producing project plans for specific work elements, and assessing the accuracy of exiting programmes and sub networks.

Our programmes are comprehensive and can incorporate detailed resource and cost information. This enables the basis of an overall project control system to be established. Please see our Project Control services for further information.

We also provide an independent planning and programme monitoring service to clients, funders and insurers who require an objective view on a particular projects progress and performance.