Health and Safety Support

Health and safety in the workplace is of paramount importance for all businesses. With the legislation continually changing and developing, it can be hard for organisations to keep up to speed with the requirements. The legislation covers all aspects of workplace health and safety, with a strong focus on the prevention of hazards.

The requirements encompass every aspect of the working environment, including employees, customers and even passers-by. This makes it even more complicated for employers to make sure their organisation is 100% compliant with the current health and safety legislation. It’s vital that your business gets it correct from the outset. It’s not worth taking risks when it comes to the well-being of your business and its workforce.

Mandatory requirements of health and safety legislation

Did you know that any UK business with five or more employees in the UK is legally required to have a detailed record of its health and safety policy? In addition, it’s necessary to carry out a risk assessment, covering any potential hazards in the workplace. A risk assessment document that covers all significant workplace hazards must be produced.

Employees must have access to professional health and safety information, either through the company, or from an external consultant. A manual, detailing the planning and monitoring of all the company’s health and safety arrangements, is also required. Staff must be trained in health and safety procedures, which may involve organising training courses, either in-house or through an external consultant.

Penalties for not fulfilling health and safety requirements

There are a number of stiff penalties for organisations that do not fulfil their legal health and safety requirements. These can include unlimited fines, or even a prison sentence. In addition, company directors who breach health and safety rules can be disqualified. The Health and Safety (Offences) Act 2008 actually increased the penalties for certain offences.

Perhaps one of the biggest penalties is the company’s damaged reputation, should there be a serious breach which is penalised through the courts. Imagine customers reading about a serious health and safety issue, for which the company has been heavily fined – this can cause serious damage to your business and may lead to a loss of clients.

Professional help for your health and safety needs.

We provide a comprehensive range of health and safety advisory and consultancy services, led by a professional team of qualified consultants, who will offer health and safety advice. We will ensure your organisation not only complies with its legal requirements, but also that you are providing a safe working environment for everyone.

Our professional consultancy services will help clients to comply with all aspects of health and safety legislation. Our flexible approach means our services can be tailored to suit clients’ individual needs. Small companies can receive important, yet cost-effective, advice. Larger organisations can also receive help and guidance from our consultants to maintain in-house health and safety for employees.

Contact us for further details of our health and safety support services to meet all your company’s needs.